July 14, 2011

Lots of love this week

So I didn't win the deviantART San Diego Comic Con Sponsorship but I'm not at all surprised, only slightly disappointed.  I wanted to win for the validation of winning and someone saying my stuff was good. I'm the only person who pats me on the back. I never had an interest in a mainstream company picking up my work, and in retrospect I believe that's what they were canvassing for.
Working for one of those places (DC, Marvel) is actually one of the few art related jobs that makes me cringe.

Having said that, I had a lot of nice stuff happen this week that helped boost my spirits and this time, from a Company that I really like and respect.
Copic marker featured me on their new Copic Social Network - Copic Color In fact, it's been 2 days I've been up there and I'm still the "featured Created".
On top of that, they've been tweeting the heck out of me as well, and as a result I've gotten a few new followers.
I also was featured my submission on their Tumblr account! I was pretty please about that.
I love Copic as a company their PR is great, products are amazing and ...ya. I want to work for them! LOL

So we've also got a lot of convention lined up! check out Gurukitty Studios blog and see where we will be and when!

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