February 14, 2011

LiveStream Colouring again

So I took the opportunity I created by being organized in the morning to Live stream another couple quick marker drawings.
I coloured 2 images. They were sketches I drew at Vancouver Comicon in January, and I kinda liked how they turned out, so here they are. As usual I love the rough sketches more than the completed images but I like how Stacy turned out especially. I used a very limited palette with her and I think it turned out well.
Sketched on really smooth Claire Fontaine paper with my Drafting Pencil.
Stacy is the pouty one, and Pehny has the braid.
Now here is the video of the colouring proccess. it's about 50 mins long.

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at livestream.com

And here are the completed images seperately

Pehny Portrait by `guruubii on deviantART

Stacy Portrait by `guruubii on deviantART

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