July 01, 2009

Things going on, Daqueran

While I remind everyone, Daqueran is not mine, it is Kitty's comic and Kitty's comic alone, I have my own undertaking in Conflagration... I have been doing some things for Daqueran lately.

I completed the Exclusive content for Issue 2. A Daquer-mini comic, that will appear only in the print version. It will never ever show up anywhere else, expect the print version of Issue 2. So I guess its in your best interest to get that pre order in for Daqueran issue 2 eh? It's also got its own cute logo, that I will post online for promotion, but its as cute as can be. I'm finishing that one up today.

I've gotten a few emails lately, one about working on a Logo I did a while back (enhancing), and one about doing a sort of video talk about Toonboom to a school. We'll see how those go. i also have The Daquermini logo and Erica's Logos to do as well. so I'll go get on that :p

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